Piercing Service Questions

Does getting a piercing hurt?

Most piercings are just a slight pinch for a second or two, and most of our clients say, “it was so much easier than I thought it would be”, or “that didn’t hurt at all”. We can guarantee you that you are in the best hands! 

What do minors need to bring to our boutique before they can get pierced?

We classify a minor under the age of 16. Every minor needs to bring their proof of age, photo ID and a parent or guardians authorisation.

What is the piercing process?

We perform all of our piercings with single use, sterilized surgical needles. They are extremely sharp, making the piercing process as quick, painless and precise. All our equipment is opened infant of the client and is disposed of immediately after the piercing.

Should I use alcohol to clean my piercing?

DO NOT use any type of alcohol to clean your piercing. Alcohol is not meant for internal use, and will only irritate and further complicate the healing process.

Should I rotate my jewelry during the healing process?

Contrary to popular belief, it is best to leave your jewelry alone while your piercing is healing. Therefore, we do not recommend rotating you jewellery. A piercing is a puncture which heals from the sides of the piercing towards the center. Excessive movementof the jewelry in the piercing will tear the new tissue and delay healing

What are the different piercing options and locations?

We can pierce any part of your ear and will consult with you to decide whether your ear anatomy is appropriate for your piercing selection.

How do I know which earrings suit my ears for piercing?

When you visit us in store for your piercing we will select the appropriate hoop size or post length for your stud that suits your ear anatomy. We have hoops and studs in a variety of sizes to suit each ear type and piercing position

How long do I need to wait before I can change my piercing jewelry?

Lobe piercings take around 3-4 months to fully heal. Cartilage piercings can take up to a year depending on your individual situation. we recommend that you don’t change your first earring until consulting with us! These issues will be discussed with you during your piercing consultation.

Do I need to take off my earrings before swimming or doing exercise?

All our pieces are designed with the understanding that our clients don't have time to take their jewlery on and off every day. We create each design to be lightweight and easy to wear, and using the highest quality materials means they can be worn in water, the swimming pool  or in the gym day after day.

General Store Questions

What are our designs made of?

All our designs are handmade in 14ct rose yellow or white gold with zirconia diamond or semi precious detailing.

There are so many designs to choose from. Where do i start?

Our collections are all created to allow you to mix and match with the pieces you already have or with any other styles in our range. We tend to choose the "hero piece" first and build out around that. Our in store stylists can help start you off and create a personalised look for you. We are also available for online styling advice by zoom if you are too far to visit.

When creating an ear stack how do i choose?

We like to break all the old rules about matching your gold and stone colors. Its all about finding the right balance to create a tasteful and well proportioned mix. We happily mix gold colours or stone colors- but not both. Keep the gold color monochrome if you want to add colorful stones, or keep the stone detail clean and simple if you are mixing golds.

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